Where to Begin

This can be a large and difficult world. You are encouraged to go off and explore and make your own way on Steam Front, but for those who want a few beginning tips, read on.

  • Game Rules – Important rules to follow to make the game more fun for everyone
  • Discord and IRC – Tools to make communication easier
  • The World – Get to know our world and some of the parts of the map you can reach first
  • Lore – Deluvia is rich in its history and characters get to know what’s happened and how you can fit in
  • Races – This is an roleplaying game with diverse creatures. Familiarize yourself with our sentient fauna
  • Classes – There are many professions you can have in Deluvia
  • Character Generation – Find out how to start to roleplay
  • Skills – Once you have a Race and Class, you can use your skills
  • Guilds – Join a Outpost, Guild, Faction, City or Kingdom, or start your own