The World

Deluvia, the world in which SteamFront is set, is steeped in turmoil and chaos and this is the world in which you are born, live and die.

Once a world of great beauty, vast wilderness and peaceful kingdoms, Deluvia has now just recovered from its first great war between and the powers that came out on top seem to be on the verge of another.

It is up to you to decide which side you’ll be on; or you can go it alone and begin your own clan where you try to stay out of the way. There’s plenty of unknown territory on Deluvia. OR you can try to start up a rival faction that makes their own allegiances.

Every new player starts in the major town of New Pallamost, the capital of the Central Kingdoms. There is a market with some shops from which to buy and sell or even start your own shop.

There are a few ways off of the island of New Pallamost. One is to swim, but that can be arduous. There are three ships that you can gain passage out of New Pallamost on. One is the boat just north of the fountain and down the stairs to Sparrow’s ship. You can pay him (right-click to begin) and sail to Khatsberg Docks in the southern isles far away from the Central Kingdoms. From there you can branch out into many other areas.

If you make your way  southwest from the fountain you will find a large spiral staircase. Get off at the second stop and follow the path north and you’ll get to Stubbs air ship which can take you far away to the Wild Lands. Air ship travel is relatively new to Deluvia as it was developed at the end of the Wars but it is catching on and the residents are less fearful of it.

Thirdly, a new passage has come to New Pallamost. Going southeast from the fountain you will find Durg’s boat to Wraithwood. Wraithwood is a cursed forest good for mid-level players to practice their fighting skills. Here you will find a long path to follow to great reward or great peril. Though the bulk of the land is unable to be built on or destroyed, you will be able to find some scarce areas to build in if you wish to reside here. There are a few quests to find and complete in this murky, dank forest

You can always stay in New Pallamost and learn more about the culture and societies to align or war with. New Pallamost is where the puppet Emperor now lives and waits, lamenting the shell of a kingdom he once ruled. New Pallamost is a beautiful, most lively of ports with guilds and alliances to join. Once such guild, is the elusive Magus Arcanium; an academy of wizards and spell crafter, and one of the few places to start a path towards magery; or the Fair Sanctum of the Ivory Faith, a devout religious warrior guild; or the Order of Pangur Ban at The Library of Tandriux a cloister of scholars that preserves the knowledge of the realm

You can go in any direction you wish from the place you are spawned both physically and politically. You’ll notice there are vasts seas to cross to find new lands. It may be worth it to do so for the strong-hearted. There’s so much for you to find and explore. Make alliances early and remember. . .

A storm is coming