After you’ve selected your Race and Class, a skill or two¬†can start to use You can view your skills by typing

/class skill


The Skill GUI comes up to reveal the Skills you have available.

If you hover over a skill it will give you much information about it.

In this example, the (1/5) means you have spent a Skill Point (SP) to level up the skill once and you can 4 more times. Now that you have purchased the skill, you need Level 2 AND a SP to level it up. (Level is in red). You can also see that your Cooldown will go down to 9, and your Health healed will go up to 7 the next time you level it up.
In this example, after the name of the skill you see the skill points you have spent and the maximum you are allowed to spend (0/5). You have 0 points spent (meaning you can’t use the skill), and can buy 5 levels of the skill, boosting its power at each level.


You can purchase a Skill for every Skill Point (SP) you have. Your SP is indicated in your scoreboard. Choose your skills carefully as you cannot claim your SP back and you will not be able to unlock every skill right away.