Here is your introduction to our roleplay mechanics.

To make the most imaginative and richest experience, most of the fun aspects of SteamFront will be if we all play our role and immerse ourselves into this fantasy universe. However, to help that along we have created some mechanics to help you enjoy SteamFront.

You have read our Lore and about our Races and now you will have to learn how to play out your character.  You will then pick a Class. This determines your profession in the game and which Skills you’ll be allowed to use. It will also determine how you roleplay. Now its time for your character generation!


Character Generation

To pick a race, you will first type /class options


to see the options you have. You have read about the Races so you know which one you want to pick, so then you will type  /class profess <Race Name>

You have read about the Classes so you know which one you want to pick, so then you will type  /class profess <Class Name>

You are now ready to choose your Attributes. Type /class attr

Your Race and Class have already given you some starting attributes (Attribute Mods as seen on the Races page), and now you have 7 free Attribute Points (AP) to spend as you wish to boost your Attributes. (Don’t worry, you will receive many more AP through your life in Deluvia).

As you left-click each icon for the Attribute it will take away from your AP Pool and apply them to your Attribute. You cannot adjust these later, so put some thought into which you choose.

In this example, the points in the top line are how many AP you have in your pool (0 points) and (3) have been spent on Constitution.


Whenever you receive more AP throughout the game you can type

/class attr

to come back to this GUI and spend your AP on your Attributes

Your character is now generated.

Next you will learn about your Skills.