Game Rules

  1. No hacking/hacked clients.
    (ex. fly hacking, aimbotting/killaura, water walking, xray, entity tracker, speed hacking & possession of a hacked client, even when not in use.) Modded clients are allowed as long as they do not give you any gameplay advantages.
  2. Macros.
    (Macros are allowed for spell combinations, as long as they are not on a loop.)
  3. Do not abuse bugs, glitches or exploits. Please report these.
  4. Do not excessively curse or insult people.
    (Includes bypassing words that are censored. Swearing is fine, as long as not abused and not directed at someone.)
  5. Do not spam.
    (This includes through /p, /r, /msg, /g, and /report.)
  6. Misuse of /report.
    (Fake reports, spamming /report, reporting to get attention.)
  7. Do not harass other players.
    (Includes sexual harassment, belittling players, ignoring requests to stop annoying them, etc.)
  8. Do not scam players.
    (Selling something that is grossly overpriced, tricking someone into buying an item that was not promised.)
  9. No advertising.
    (This includes YouTube Channels, Twitch Streams, Minecraft Servers. YT and Twitch is fine through PM. You are allowed to talk about anything, but giving a direct link/IP in the goal of only advertising isn’t tolerated.)
  10. Do not impersonate staff
    (Changing your MC name to a name very similar, claiming you are staff when you are not.)
  11. Do not Buying in-game items.
    (Using real life money to purchase something in-game from another player, includes selling/buying store items for items in-ingame.)
  12. Ban Evasion
    (If you are banned, you are not permitted to use an alternate account to continue to play.)

In addition, though not a rule, but a recommendation; please do not beg for a staff position. Instead read here