Discord and IRC


Join the main SteamFront Discord channel here.


We relay all public chat from the minecraft server to an IRC channel and vice/versa. It does NOT relay private conversations. So players in the IRC channel can chat with players on the server without being in the minecraft client. I will post instructions for connecting to the IRC channel.
Here’s a starter guide: https://www.esper.net/getting_started.php

You can use a dedicated IRC client to connect, or you can use a web client. The url for the web client is: http://webchat.esper.net/?channels=steamfront

You can choose any nick you want, but I suggest you use the same nick as your player name in Minecraft. In the future when we figure out how to enforce that, you will not be able to use the chat channel with a non-minecraft username.
Initially, do not check the “login to services” checkbox.

Remember, anything you type into the IRC channel will get relayed to the SteamFront server.

You can type .list to get a list of players currently on the live server.

You can use .msg to send private messages to players on the live server, but keep in mind that these messages will also be seen by others in the IRC channel.