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Ra Re Ri


The Riftlands are the term for one of the borderlands to the far west with extreme range of elevation and topography. Because of the difficult terrain they remain under populated and out of the reach of civilization it is often sought by settlers for homesteading. Now that a mystical portal has opened up to the Sorrowind Ruins (which was once the only settlement known there), people are seeking their fortunes and rumors of rich and vast veins of ores running through the treacherous slopes are driving the brave and adventurous there.

Ebelon was a missionary outpost in the west to spread the voice of Astorius, teacher of the Cosmos, but what wild and barbaric local that were there, didn’t take to these teaching and murdered the missionaries. This was also at the same time of the “Great Upheaval” in which Deluvia was, and still is, retching from seismic forces. This ripping apart of the land didn’t help the missionaries survival.

Since it is out of the reach of most militias and law forces, criminals have been known to find refuge so take warning.

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