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Ricketspire Outpost


Ricketspire Outpost is the lone port in the Wild Lands and the first point of contact of many who travel there.

Founded by its current mayor, Heernack, just after his dismissal from the Wars of the Third Age, he found refuge in the Wild Lands becoming one of the lone survivors fighting back the creepers and other natives that sought to make life very difficult for him. He carved this small town out of the rocky point clinging to the cliff one board at a time. For years no one knew where Heernack was after the War and he was assume dead, as many were. It started as a mere small fort in which only he subsisted, from which over the years he added a deck here and a room there and cobbled together a fine home for himself at this precipice at the edge of the world.

Eventually other courageous adventurers came and helped him establish a small commune of barterers and traders, scrapping together a livelihood for the rare passerby. He and his tribe gave refuge to the Astorius monks before they built their Morrowind outpost and were slaughtered by the local barbarians. Heernack still feels guilt over this event and wishes he could have done more.

Then Captain Jonas Stubbs his mate and airship pilot from the War came to Ricketspire. This was a great day for Heernack as Stubbs and he agreed to start a trade route between  Ricketspire and New Pallamost despite the danger. Up until this point most airships were shot down by the flaming arrows of unseen ambushing antagonists.

The new trade route brought a steady stream of wide-eyed adventurers to this wild western realm, as a starting point out into the great wide open land, or pilgrims wishing to make it to Morrowind, or a criminal looking to escape capture, or really any traveler for any reason, Heernack never asks. Somehow he finds out though and is a broker of information at this crossroads of the Wild Lands.

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