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New Pallamost


New Pallamost is the capital city of Deluvia. This term only meant something in ages past and currently, and though many regard the city for its former glory, the seat of rule is currently nowhere.  Power waned after the Wars of the Third Age (The Deluvian Wars) due to many factors, but one being the loss of free labor through Gargoyle enslavement (their freedom being granted through the Truce of Gurgulalon, the armistice to end the war). The rising seas also caused much loss of land for them driving them back to the islands they currently inhabit. Mainly, they have not kept up on technological research and are resting on their laurels of what they consider their “right” to rule by inheritance from the gods.

They follow their patron demi-god Pallatia, the hero of the Gigantomachian Ballads, an epic poem. Pallatia is a son of Sifaneus of the Deluvic Faith. The Temple to Pallatia, is a one of the largest in the realm, meant to impress all pilgrims to this region. Every year, on the Queen’s birthday, which coincides with the lining up of the season of Dolstide, there is the Festivus Drans Pallatia, which Pallatia’s battle is reenacted and the children dress as the young Pallatia. The newest members are knighted to the Pallatian Court on this day and the Queen’s Grand Tournament is held. For this whole week the city is enlivened with celebration.

New Pallamost still holds the judicial seat of the Central Kingdoms region and the Independent Kingdoms occasionally bring matters to the court. The central banking system for the realm is here, the best art galleries, museums and gardens can be perused. There is still a vibrant industry, though they are quickly losing out to House Storm King.

They still like to speak of the years of glory and the grandeur they once had. The Queen Redfayne Joyzil speaks of his victorious battles of the past to anyone that comes to listen in his court, but the waning Queen is reduced to little more than puppet government for a once, vast kingdom and powerful Lord. Most will admit the technocrats of the Northern Islands now compete for power. He rules as head of his Pallatian Court, 12 elite warrior kings from certain rigid bloodlines. Much of the land holdings of the court had be lost after the wars. Their border shrinks daily.

Queen Redfayne assumed control of the realm when her King, Dux Joyzil died in the wars of the Third Age. Many thought her kingdom would crumble. She has managed to keep control with the help of her court.

Despite this, New Pallamost remains the culture hub of the central kingdoms and most any good or service can be bought and desire met; passage to any port can be found and people and entertainment of most varieties located.

Points of interest are the docks where the shipyards lie. Goods are constantly being shipped in and out, by sea and by the new mode of transportation: air. The market is one of the best for the variety and luxury of goods. The restaurants and taverns are the talk of Deluvia. The Queen’s Palace is not to be missed. The Grand Tournament is held each year as part of the Festival of Dolstide  and The Queen awards a coveted prize. A gargoyle statue, gifted by the Gargoyles as a peace tribute is on view. The Library of Xandris the largest collection of knowledge and scholars to be sought. The Temple of Pallamost is where the Queen’s Champion is awarded at the Festival of Dolstide. The temple is also the destination of many pilgrims of the Paladin Aura. There are parks and gardens and much for travelers to see.

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