The Anthoran are a unique race that some believe originates from the elves. They share many characteristics of animals, as in part, they are animal. All Anthoran have a coming of age ritual that they embark on to find the other half of themselves; their animal spirit. Once found, they merge with it to become one with it, and therefore be considered whole. They are spread out far and wide across the world, and are incorporated deep in the history of many nations.

Characteristics & Magic

Anthorans have two forms. Their “blank” state, and their “true” form. The blank state is a form before an Anthora has completed their journey, and can be returned to once completed when choosing to walk alongside their animal spirit. Most Anthoran look like a humanoid version of their spirit, and share the same senses their animal spirit does.

Anthorans do not seem to show favor towards any form of magic, but some still become mages practicing one or another circle. Like most races, it takes a long time for them to become good at magic, as they do not have a strong sense of magic either.


The history of the Anthora is checkered at best. Each tribe has legends and myths as to how they came about, but most common Anthorans are spread out in small communities, or other various factions. Most have the belief that they were originally elves that experimented with a circle of nature, but it is unknown if those rumors are true. However, it seems that the traditional coming of age ritual to find one’s spirit animal seems to always be a constant among the history of the Anthoran race.

Culture & Faith

Most Anthoran culture varies from tribe to tribe, and there is no strong denomination of faith that they tend to favor. Many have specific tribal gods and goddesses, but it rarely spills outside into the more mainstream religions of the world.


Anthoran names take after Elvish origins, suggesting a deeper ancestral tie to the elves. However, in some tribes, Anthorans will have separate names for themselves after their ceremony, leaving their original name to their animal, and naming themselves something entirely different.

Racial Relationships

While Anthorans as a people, are considerably well versed with every race, one in particular always seems to derive some level of animosity between them. Techions, the mechanical runic race of beings, show a direct disregard for the Anthorans cultures, ways, and mostly everything else, considering it outdated and iconoclast.


Anthoran subtypes are as diverse as there are animals in the world. Though there is no direct record of every kind of Anthoran, it is generally believed that their animal much reflects their personality. Making the largest of animals out of the question, as their immense size and stature would normally hint at a gigantic personality, far beyond that of any person.

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