Our First Update

We’ve worked really hard on our first update and now it’s here.

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • Added the new outpost of Ricketspire
  • Made the new spawn the city of New Pallamost
  • Filled New Pallamost with tons of non-player characters to interact with and give you tips for starting quests.
  • Added a few minor quests to gain treasure and knowledge about the world

Though we will update a lot of the functionality of how this works behind-the-scenes, the lore that you learn will stay the same and tie into the whole overall narrative and help you along your way in Deluvia.

Most players the join at this point will eventually, probably, be Essential Characters, admins, or someway involved in helping build Steam Front once you learn about the world. We hope to have a critical mass of players a little bit further down the way and tons of updates to go along with that.

[ksam] me with any ideas you have.


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