Steam Front Update 1- Coming Soon

We have some big things in store for Steam Front. We plan to have regular updates with neat features available in each. Things that might be included are, new lands, new items, new bosses/villians/NPCs, new functionality, improved game mechanics, new RPG features; really anything we can think of that will improve your experience on Steam Front and fit into an acceptable update.

For Update 1, we are keeping things brief and getting out a small upgrade and testing out our workflow. It is small in the way it affects players, but it is large in breaking new ground and establishing what will be possible in future updates.

To be more  detailed, we are adding a rich Non-Player Character (NPC) interaction model. We feel this is key to make the world feel like a living place and encourage players to move around the world and invest in role-playing. This also allows us to pass information to players in a roleplay fashion. More information on this will follow.

As for a timeline, we hope this will come out around or right before the New Year. We welcome your patience as we implement this. Thanks for all your feedback!

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