Rent your own Shop!

You might get to the point in your travels where you want to become a merchant and hang your shingle. Steam Front has this capability.

You may start to accumulate goods that are too good to throw away and you think might be use to someone else, or you may be an adventurer who has found some really great magic items that you think will be of value to another traveler. There may be a traveler or two who decides that commerce and industry is for them, and invest full-time into a cottage industry and corner a market. Either way, there’s plenty of reason to have a shop

Along your travels you will come into signs like this.

These are areas that are ready to go as rent-able shops. All you need to do is right-click on the sign, if you agree with the price, and it is yours. The landlord will automatically withdraw the coin from your account. You do have money in your account don’t you? Make sure you keep up on your savings. The way most beginning players make money is killing monsters. Hopefully your shop will do so well that you will have plenty of money to pay your rent.

Now this idea is not just for shops. You can use your new space for whatever reason you may think of. You may also find signs that allow you to buy. In this case, you can use it for your purposes and even rent out to other players.

It is important to note that as players evolve throughout the game, those that show responsibility will be given the power to use more admin commands to manage their own towns.

Some commands that you might want to know are below.

/as unrent [region]

Unrent a region that you have rented (the unused part of the renting period will be payed back, check config for more options, if no region specified then the region you stand in will be used).

/as info <all, rented, forrent, sold, forsale, player <playername>, region <regionname>, nogroup>

Display information about regions (which are rented, which regions a player has, etcetera).

/as find <buy, rent> [maxprice] [group]

Find and teleport to a free buy or rent region within your budget (if maxprice is specified that is the maximum searched for, otherwise your balance is the max) If a group is specified then it will only search for regions that are in that group.

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