Server Updates Info

Recently I have been working on some updates…

1. First of all, we answered your suggestions! Many players have been struggling with the Towny system. It was very buggy and extremely annoying. We decided to move to factions because it is much easier and more players know how to use factions.

2. I am a big perfectionist. If there is something that I do not like the color scheme, or is just not good looking, I immediately don’t like it. I noticed our server was looking kind of… ugly. So, I updated the server MOTD. I also updated the signs at spawn because they were not looking good. And the best yet, I updated chat to look so swaggy. 😉

3. Donation ranks have been updated!! For a while I have been procrastinating on the donor ranks. Some of you may have noticed the Donate page was… weird. We have added the Legend rank! We also added some more features to each donator rank to make them better. Each donator rank has a specific chat color and particle. I would post pictures of some of the websites, but I encourage you to log on and see them yourself!

~Stay Fresh


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