Deluvia Grand Tourney

Hello! KawaiiKid here! Today I am bringing you a little information on a future update. Just remember, this is not official! The lore of the Deluvia Grand Tourney will be under the Chronicles of Deluvia section.

Deluvia Grand Tourney

Each city will bid on a warrior to represent them. Anyone is eligible, but there will be a fee. We are working on building an arena for the tourney to take place. We are not certain on how you will fight. It is possible there will be a Semi-Finals and Finals theme, or just a FFA.


Besides the bid, the city and the warrior will each win a prize. The prize is not certain. An example of what the prize might be, would be a rank from the Donation Store, or a Donation Store voucher.

Can my nation join?

We will do a nation auction, where your nation can bid to participate in the tourney. You might also need money to hire a warrior, so be careful how much you spend =D

When we figure out more details, an official update will be posted. Again, the Deluvia Grand Tourney is NOT official! Please comment what you think, and any ideas you might have. Thanks for reading! 😉

– KawaiiKid                

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