Steam Front Map

The Steam Front Map (or steamfront map), is coming. This world is HUGE and one of the reasons we haven’t released a map yet, is because we want you to explore and find things on your own. There are many mysteries and surprises out there and it is for you to discover based on clues in game or from exploration, not just because you saw something interesting on the map to go to. We would also like this world to be developed partially by YOU the player.

Think if Columbus had a map of the New World before he came? That takes the fun out of it. Ideally a player or two, would take up the role of ‘cartographer’ and draw their own maps just like cartographers did centuries ago before satellite imagery. See what I mean about discovery and adventure?

Now, with that being said, I do love the looks of maps! So maybe we can think of a compromise down the road. Stayed tuned and offer up any ideas you might have.


Long live steamfront!

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